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Party in Cusco

Fun in the Inca Lands

     Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire, has an active and lively nightlife. The city dances, toasts and falls in love between the shades of the darkness and the colourful sparkling of discos, bars and pubs lights.

    Bohemia night. Romantic night. Night of dark features and bubbling loves. Explosive loves. A night of suspicious smiles and multilingual toasts. A night hurried by the clock hands. A night that should become eternal so its brilliant multicolour eyes would continue blinking and its strong stereophonic voice would not run out.

    Insomnia night. A night of parties, spree and cosmopolitan fun. Plenty of happy hours and "two by one" discounts for the jar of beer. "Cheers my friends"!, at bars, taverns, discos, pubs and wherever the night invites. That tempting night that hides its febrile spirit under the pale make up of the lights at the Main Square, Sol Avenue and the curved streets of San Blas.
A night of "Charangos and Quenas", of synthesizers electric guitars. Andean night of notes and merged rhythms.
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    Night with "soroche" (altitude sickness), night of cold and maybe rain, or just a night of brilliant blue stars… A night in which you never rest, you walk strongly making the stone walls of the centre of the world tremble.

    A night full of disquiet that transforms the ancient capital of the Incas. Cusco by night. A different Cusco, without visits to the cathedral, without San Blas pulpit. There is not a visit to Sacsayhuaman, neither to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, nor Machu Picchu. A night to look for ephemeral friends. A night with liquor breath. A night without passports, borders or grudges. A night of fraternity.

    A night without rest and endless dances, with or without rhythm, with or without a partner, with a partner of opposite sex or our same sex… What!? nothing surprises now, or everything surprises too little in the night of Huayno or Rock, of Saya or Rap, Chicha or Heavy. Everything can happen in this night, but you will never get bored, nor yawn nor go to sleep.

Tour of parties
    The lights switch on. A new Cusco wakes up. An insinuating, tempting, maybe even daring Cusco that shows up in front of the tired eyes of the tourists that come back from the excursions. It shows up in front of the nostalgia of the traveler about to leave, and wants to quench his unhappiness with several chops of beer, or get rid of his pains with the wild step of a "huaynito".

    There is always something to do in Cusco. During the day or by night. Whether there is sun or moon. You can visit the Historic down town to discover the magic communion between the Inca and the Hispanic world in the mornings as well as in the afternoons. You can also go along visiting bars, discos and other "temples" of fun during seductive nights.

    Well, all this happens when the nights conquer the city and new tours are programmed without agencies, nor guides, just our instinct, pure intuition, only going and coming after the night orders, the spree rules and taking advantage of happy hours in order to have something saved, to toast and dance more until the next day when the sun wakes up. That Sun: the Incas God.

    During the nights in the "Archaeological Capital of America", a new story is written every day. A story that is not included in the books nor in the searchers' thesis as here "conquest" happens again and again, but it is different because there is not violence, without extinction, just with smiles and nice words, only with sensual gestures and winks.

    Thus, the "worlds meet each other". The Andean and the Occidental world are face to face again, but this time it is not in Cajamarca's Main Square where Atahualpa was captured by Francisco Pizarro, but in a small wood table over which "don Juan", a man from Cusco looking as a resuscitated Inca, tries to flirt with a pretty blue eyes girl.

    Passing love, trip love, adventure love. A tender promise between couples composed by descendants of that historic "Two worlds meeting". Though, in fact, in the planet there are more than two worlds and we are like in a lower level as we are on the third world in spite of the Incas and all their wisdom.

    The spree is like that. There are empty bottles and broken glasses. There is a "machito" who wants to fight or starts his diatribe like " we have decrease to the fourth world, dear friend". There are also overexcited tourists who state their admiration for the entire Andean world and swear eternal love to Cusco: that lovely city that they miss before leaving it.

    The last toast is in Quechua, Spanish and English or any other Language. In fact, the liquor is a good translator. Everybody understands each other or at least they try to do it, if they fail…it does matter!! We should go on, take advantage of every minute, as the night is not as longer as we believe, and the first day lights seem to appear to ruin our fun very soon.

    Cusco wakes up. The train that goes to Machu Picchu gets ready. Bars, discos and pubs, canteens shut their doors. The Imperial city is quiet and calm again. The sun shines over its spoiled city, meanwhile the moon rests and takes energy to go with the nocturnal people and to cheer with them. "cheers, mister".

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