Dear Visitor:

These lines are to recommend you to have some cautions before contracting tourism services, particularly by internet. There are many serious companies who have presence in the web, and to avoid any inconveniences when contacting the wrong ones, we recommend to:

1. - Analyze the consistency of the site you are visiting, verifying that there are no lost links, that there is proper information, affiliations to national or international associations, application of some kind of technologies, and all that contributes to perceive a professional attitude and knowledge.

2. - Verify that the mail you get back has the extension expected, that is, it should not be an e-mail with extensions as terra, hotmail, yahoo, etc. The extension should be similar to the name of the site or the company’s name.

3. - Verify that the logos shown in the site link to another page that certifies its existence; i.e. if you see an ASTA logo, there should be a link that carries on to a page certifying that the agency is a real ASTA member. Likewise for ABTA, IATA, VISA, Verified by Visa, etc.

4. - Verify that the supposed technological developments are not a simple transfer of third parties’ technologies, such as links for distributors of vacation packages, air tickets, hotel reservations or car rental as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and, etc.

5. - Do not get impressed about logos or links to or similar. The incorporation of those links will try to impress you through the intangible value of their trademarks, but the sites only get a commission in case any item is sold.

6. – Do as many questions as deemed necessary to verify the efficiency in the answer and the knowledge of the destination that you are going to visit.

7. - Ultimately, verify the existence of passengers’ testimonies that have used the services of your eventual supplier. In case the site count with some of them, verify the existence of some mails, but see very carefully the redaction of them to be convinced they have been written by real passengers.

8.- Do not believe all statement as "Recommended by........". Most of the time those are paid advertisement or links.

Enjoy your trip!